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Private Blog Networks and PLR: A Potent Combination

A private blog network (PBNs) is a group of blogs that you or someone else owns which are used for search engine optimization purposes. In order to understand how PLR can be used with PBNs, you’ll first need to understand how PBNs work. Going into deep detail about PBNs is beyond the scope of this […]

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Profitable PLR Shortcuts You Can Take to Build Your Business

The main reason thousands of people purchase private label rights (PLR) content is so that they can save themselves money, time and effort. PLR is cheaper than hiring your own writer. It’s faster than writing your own content or waiting for someone else to write and deliver the content. Lastly, most people dislike writing. It’s […]

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SEO Tips for Ranking Your PLR Content

One bugbear that many PLR buyers face when using their content is trying to get it to rank in the search engines. The problem here is that the PLR may have sold several copies and the buyers have just copied and pasted the content exactly as it is on their blogs/sites without changing a single […]

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4 Precautions to Take When Using PLR

Private label rights (PLR) content can be a lifesaver when you are short on time or you hate writing with a passion. Done-for-you content can be used on your blogs or you can bundle them and sell them as your own products. If you’re a beginner to online marketing, PLR can shortcut your journey and […]

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5 Common PLR Misconceptions Dispelled

Private label rights content, also known as PLR, can be a polarizing topic in the online marketing space. While many marketers swear by it, there are also many marketers who turn their nose and scoff at it. The concept of PLR has been around for decades. Most marketers don’t realize that even white label physical […]

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Is Hiring a Ghostwriter Better Than Using PLR?

This is an excellent question that many newbie marketers have. If you’ve spent some time on internet marketing forums or in Facebook groups dedicated to online marketing, you may have seen many people turn their nose up at private label rights (PLR) content. It’s common for marketers to say, “I’ll NEVER use PLR” or “I […]

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PLR License Terms: Making Sense of It All

Usually, when you purchase a private label rights (PLR) package, you’ll notice that it comes with a license and a list of terms. The rights and terms will determine how much flexibility you have when using the content The PLR license terms are usually displayed on the sales page for the product so you know […]

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5 Skills You Will Need to Build a Successful PLR Business

Becoming a private label rights content (PLR) seller is a relatively lucrative way to generate an income online. While it’s not an entirely passive income, it will be stable if you’re consistent and good at what you do. There is quite a bit of work involved and this is usually underestimated by most beginners who […]

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How to Turn Your PLR Business Into a Passive Income Stream

Dividend stocks, rental income from properties and REITs are excellent examples of passive income. Selling PLR, however, is NOT a good example of passive income. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. You could compare a PLR business to the major film studios such as Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, etc. Of course, PLR is on […]

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