Monthly Archives: June 2020

Do You Need to Rewrite Your PLR Content?

The answer is it depends. This is one of those questions where you’ll need to ask several other questions before finding an answer to the original question. Most people buy PLR because they want to save time and effort. Writing can be tiring and time-consuming. It’s also an activity that countless webmasters/bloggers dislike. So, they […]

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3 Ways to Make Your PLR Content More Engaging

Private label rights (PLR) content is created in a way so most PLR buyers can take the content and use it as their own. Because of this, the writing for most types of PLR tends to be flavorless and generic. Very often, the content reads like it was written by a robot devoid of emotions. […]

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What to Look Out for When Rewriting Your PLR (Checklist)

Rewriting your PLR can be a chore, but it’s a necessary one if you wish to achieve specific goals with your PLR such as differentiation or ranking. Below you’ll find a checklist that you can print out for easy reference when trying to personalize your content. * ALWAYS rewrite the title. Create a catchy one […]

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